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Dowsing Rod Training

Dowsing Rod Training
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Dowsing is a divinatory practice that dates back to the days of ancient history. Dowsing has been used to locate underground sources of water, minerals, gems, and more. A little known aspect of dowsing is that it can be used to connect you to your spirit guides. Properly crafted dowsing rods, in the hands of a trained dowser, are amazing tools and can provide confirmation and enlightenment to your most challenging spiritual questions. Our dowsing rods are handcrafted and energized by a member of our own staff. 

Dowsing Rod Training will teach you the ancient art of divination via authentic dowsing rods. There is no charge for this service when purchased in conjunction with your new custom crafted dowsing rods (found in our merchandise section) and an office or on-site psychic service.

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