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Angels & Guides

Angels and Guides...  

What are they, who are they, what do they do and why?

People often wonder, "do I have a guardian angel?"... or "what exactly is a spirit guide?" The answers to questions like these have been debated for many years. There have been countless books and publications printed on these seemingly simple, but very controversial topics. Based on the multitude of religions worldwide, and the countless belief systems practiced among us, there are no short answers to theological debates such as these. However, when a gifted psychic persistently develops their skills and elevates their ability to a greater level, we refer to them as an 'advanced psychic'. During this process they undergo a life-changing experience whereby they are truly able to connect to a greater power at a higher spiritual level. When this occurs, everything they have ever felt or believed about the spirit world is realigned... it is no longer a matter of 'believing'... it becomes a matter of 'knowing'! It is from this knowledge that we share the following information on angels and spirit guides.


Angels, are they real?... Absolutely, without a doubt, make no mistake, Angels are real! Also referred to as angelic entities, they serve a greater power (one we like to call God). They are God's work force, and as such they oversee many things throughout the Universe. Angels are truly divine, they may appear to us in many forms, including the appearance of real people; however, they reside permanently in the spirit world and have never lived among us as human beings.

Spirit Guides...

Does everyone have a spirit guide? Who are they and how do they become guides? Spirit Guides are actually assigned to us when we enter this world. The main guide is referred to as our Primary Spirit Guide. This guide stays with us for most, if not all of our life. Secondary Guides may change over the years in order to guide us (teach us) various important lessons as we grow and mature. It is important for us to grow physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Our guides help us negotiate the lessons this life puts before us; and as those lessons change, so may our guides. Our Spirit Guides are souls that have already lived their lives. In some cases, their spirits have returned to live again in order to learn and grow even more. Your Spirit Guides will never do anything to harm you, and will always try to 'guide' you toward the right decisions. Remember, sometimes that little voice in the back of your head is not your imagination... it could actually be one of your guides trying to speak to you... a little thing we call intuition.