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Spirits & Ghosts

Spirits vs. Ghosts...

What's really the difference between spirits and ghosts? 

From a Paranormal Perspective:

Most paranormal specialists recognized spirits and ghosts as being the same thing. Both terms are commonly used synonymously with one another. And, the tools, techniques, and tactics used by paranormal investigators are used in like fashion to seek various forms of evidence of paranormal phenomena.

From the Connection:

Psychics and Psychic Mediums often differentiate spirits of those who have passed as being in one of two categories. The first category is referred to as 'light-bound' spirits. These are spiritual souls that have moved on to a higher existence within their spiritual journey. They have 'gone into the light' and crossed over to the next phase of their spiritual being. Many of them do watch over us, and can even visit us, but their 'home' is no longer here with us.

The second category of spirits is referred to as 'earth-bound' spirits. These are spirits that for one reason or another have not yet crossed over. They remain here, among the living, as though this 'earthly place' is where they belong. They feel this place is still their home.  There are many, many reasons why a spirit remains earth-bound (far too many to list here) and if you suspect you're having consistent contact with an earth-bound spirit, we strongly suggest you consult an experienced psychic medium.

Due to the frequent contact with earth-bound spirits, they are often labeled as ghosts and are often responsible for hauntings.