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Believers and skeptics alike benefit from our Psychic Ed 101:

The purpose of Psychic Ed 101 to is share with you what a 'real' psychic can and  cannot do. And, to educate you on how to discern the difference between a truly gifted psychic and someone who 'pretends' to be a psychic.

What can a real psychic do for me? 

Real psychics have an ability to see, hear, and/or feel things that most people cannot. They are sensitive to things beyond the physical world, and many have the ability to interpret telepathic messages.

Some psychics have the ability to foresee events that have not yet occurred and others have advanced skills such as mediums, which enable them to communicate with the spirit world.

What a real psychic cannot do? 

A real psychic cannot read your mind. Many are able to interpret projected thoughts and energy such as messages that you quietly project outward, similar to prayer, but they are not able to pry into your private thoughts and secrets.   

A real psychic cannot provide unlimited answers to what your future holds. However, a good psychic can foresee events that lie ahead in your current 'life path'. Each individual exercises his or her own free will over their individual life path. Each individual is free to choose either to stay the course of their current path or make adjustments and corrections based on the trusted consultation of an adviser. This is the process that lies at the heart of a successful psychic session.

How can I tell the difference between a 'real psychic' and a 'pretend psychic'?

This is really much easier than one might think. A real psychic will not ask you to share personal information (other than possibly your name and occasionally your birth date) in order to provide you a realistic, accurate reading. A real psychic will limit casual conversation so that they may focus on connecting with you psychically. 

A pretend psychic will engage you in dialogue and glean tiny bits of information in an attempt to conduct what is referred to as a 'cold reading'. They then use this information (and your responses and reactions to their comments) to 'fabricate' their message.  

Real psychics do not rely on this technique! In fact, in most cases, if you are dealing with a real psychic, the reading will be direct, confident, and unwavering (even if you disagree), because they truly have a 'knowing' and do not need your 'permission or acceptance' to the message being brought forward.

Why do we share this much detail?

Again, the answer is much easier than most might imagine. Nicole Pauley is a real validated psychic! We recognize that there are many pretenders in the world of psychic services, and even if you don't call us, we don't want you to be taken advantage of by a 'pretender'.